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In early July 1988 a letter from a local resident was sent to the Rosedale Shire Council pointing out the need for a meeting place for groups and young mums. Rosedale Shire Council resolved to support an application to the State Government for funding towards a proposed Neighbourhood House. This was the beginning of the Rosedale Neighbourhood House.

Towards the end of July 1988 a Steering Committee comprising of 5 mums with 11 children between them was formed.  These women worked hard to raise awareness of the need for a Neighbourhood House in Rosedale.  The Steering Committee met in their own homes to plan the establishment of the House.

In August 1988 Community Services (Vic) indicated it would provide funds for a Neighbourhood House in Rosedale if a venue could be secured.  The Rosedale Shire Council agreed to support the establishment of a Neighbourhood House and undertook to provide a residence from which a Neighbourhood House could operate.

By mid October a Committee comprising Shire and Steering Committee representatives was established to investigate a suitable building to accommodate the Neighbourhood House.  The Shire agreed to their property at “1 Hood Street” to being used as a Neighbourhood House and was willing to spend a limited amount of funds on repairs necessary to make the house habitable.  With a crew of dedicated members of the committee and after a few working bees the house was ready to go.

In January 1989 the Steering Committee stepped aside and the first Committee of Management was elected.

Rosedale Neighbourhood House was officially opened by the Regional Director of Community Services (Victoria) Mr. Jon Blackwell on 1st February 1989.

In 2004 funding came for the construction of the new Rosedale Multipurpose Community Centre. The New Community Centre in Cansick Street, just next to the original Neighbourhood House, was opened in July 2006.

Rosedale Neighbourhood House is now one of over 370 Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria.

Our Vision

×Our vision is an inclusive, accessible, welcoming and friendly, active community asset where all feel valued. This will be achieved by:

× Promoting a community spirit that embraces diversity and change

»Providing opportunities for individual development

» Facilitating social interaction

〉 Offering wide range of flexible programs

〉 Providing meeting spaces for community groups and services

Our Mission

To provide a range of social, educational, recreational and support programs and activities in a friendly, caring community atmosphere


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