About Us

Our Committee

The House is governed by and for the community through an elected Committee of Governance that is made up of local residents.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in September/October of each year and new Committee Members are welcome to attend.

Chairperson: Susan DeCann
Vice Chairperson: Neil Raymond
Secretary/Treasurer: Marion Silk
Committee Members: Lorna Wood, Vicki Leeson, Rosie Raymond, Ruth Kinsella, Heather-Toms, Glenys McBride

RNH Sub-Committees

OH&S Sub-Committee

Members: Marion Silk, Ruth Kinsella, Bodye Darvill (RNH Coordinator), Kym Harbour (NKECL Coordinator)

Policy Sub-Committee

Members:  Kym Harbour, Marion Silk, Heather McDougall-Toms, Bodye Darvill

Fundraising Sub-Committee

Members: Lorna Wood, Rosie Raymond, Susan de Cann

Finance Sub-Committee

Members: Marion Silk, Susan de Cann, Neil Raymond, Kym Harbour, Bodye Darvill